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How to lose weight

It is January and I am overwhelmed with work. My emails and texts just keep on pinging. For me, this is a great and exciting problem to have. The requests are all the same – you want to lose weight and get fit and 2017 is THE YEAR! Fantastic news and I want to help. So today’s blog is short and sweet as I zip between clients. Here are my Top Ten Tips on Weight Loss. They are ‘Guidelines’ not rules which means that you cannot fail. Follow these guidelines and you are likely to loose weight and stick to a healthy way of eating for the long term. Sustainability is key!

  1. Remove tempting food. From your house, your fridge, your desk. Don’t buy it and you won’t be tempted.

  2. Keep liquids to a minimum. By liquids I mean lattes, smoothies, fruit juices, alcohol, fruit water. These are packed with sugar and calories. I try and save alcohol for Friday and Saturday nights only and drink herbal tea on a school night and no, I am not boring!

  3. Keep hydrated. Our body loses around 2-2.5 litres of water every day in our urine, sweat and breath. This does not take into consideration exercise or hot weather. Water and naturally caffeinated tea are my personal choices!

  4. Emphasize lean protein at every meal. This should be a palm sized or ‘American cup sized’ portion.

  5. Eat at the table, from a plate! Not at your desk or in your car or in front of the TV. Chew your food and stop eating when you are full.

  6. Have vegetables at every meal. Mine make up half a plate but one third is also good. Make sure they are colourful. Challenge yourself to eat 7 different veggies every day and 30 different ones every month.

  7. Buy only food that you need. On-line shopping is great for this.

  8. Consider using smaller plates. I’m talking portion control here.

  9. If there is a food that you really, really crave and can’t stop eating then it’s probably best to go Cold Turkey!

  10. Stay Active!!! Keep Moving!!! Get Outside!!! Expend some calories!!! I have challenged all of my clients to hit the 10,000 step mark every day of January.

Make better food choices to start with and then you can start to refine things. Look after your body. Be kind to yourself. Every time you put food into your mouth ask yourself, “What is this doing for me?” This way of eating is effective and contains neither cabbage soup nor a meal replacement. Now go chase those Goals and stick to them!

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