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I am an energetic Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach passionate about living a healthier life.   My job is to inspire you to realize your potential and motivate you to achieve it!


I’m a Nutrition Coach specializing in fat loss.  Through education, advice and my continued support, I want to help you to build a healthy, sustainable relationship with food.   Fat loss is not about quick fix dieting but about adopting a long-term solution to better your health and well-being.


What is your fitness Goal?  Do you want to get stronger?  Improve your cardio? Train your core?  Look good naked?  I am here to motivate and inspire you.  I care about your health and your well-being.  My 1-to-1 coaching, groups training and bootcamps deliver results.  I want to help!



Zoe is an inspiration! Her morning bootcamp sessions in the woods are the perfect way to start the day – a full workout but always fun.  Zoe gets the best out of everyone, is always hugely positive and her results speak for themselves.  Everyone finishes the class feeling fitter and happier.

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